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Wm. Lewerenz, St. Louis Clarinet mouthpiece


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So yesterday my mom was very nice to me as usual and bought a Clarinet for me at an estate sale while the band was riding buses to a football game- a 1936 Conn 444N, I'll type something up on that later.
But it came with a Wm. Lewerenz, St. Louis Clarinet mouthpiece, made of marbled red and black HR.
Anyone know anything about it?
(Oh I so wish Terry was still here, as he probably would have heard of them)
It's not like this one, it's French styled, it doesn't have the rings for a string ligature: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Wm-...Mouthpiece-1-20mm-Excellent-Cnd-/232006070672

While it may not be relevant, he holds this patent: https://www.google.com/patents/US1401159

(Also, does anyone have an original barrel for the 444N also? I'd like that rather than the HR one with it which is obviously not right.)
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Clarinet, Sax, Oboe, History
So I've now been playing it for a bit- it plays like a better version of the 5RV I used to use.
Interestingly, the opening in the table is curved at the bottom, rather than a straight line, so like a sax mpc instead of a clar one.
Oh and it's also marked with SPECIAL running down the length of the mouthpiece, I forgot to mention that.


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What I was relatively interested in was that an overhauled 444N sold for $799 on eBay. That's a nice value for a horn not labeled "Selmer" or "Buffet." Of course, you also have to balance that price with the other ones that sold in the $130 to $150 range :).

I did a bit of searching and really didn't come up with much on the mouthpiece. I've seen vintage sax mouthpieces that are red, but they're not rubber. If that mouthpiece is a bit better than a 5RV, that's also a good value. Those are $83, new.