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Can you ID this Noblet?

From what I can gather from the diamond-shaped logo and the ND in the logo, this is a Model 45, but the serial number doesn't match anything I've seen: 30206


Any help somebody could give me would be appreciated! I will probably bring it somewhere to get reconditioned, as it's been sitting unused for 25yrs. Haven't decided whether I'll sell it or keep it yet. I have actually oiled it every year or two, but I'm sure it could still use some TLC.
Yes indeed, that is a model 45 sure enough. The year I do not know, I don't have my serial number lists handy. I personally have and toot on a model 45 "Artist". They are supposedly made from "specially aged wood". You can take that for what it's worth. I had mine completely gone through, complete re-pad and re-cork and adjustment all around, sort of a clean oil and adjust. You can shop around on line and in certain places where you bid on things and get it done for about $150.
From the data on ClarinetPerfection.com seems to clearly be a 1962 or 1963. Note that SN starts at 18xxx in 1960 and then we see in 1964 they are up to 38xxx so we don't know exactly but seems to be maybe late 1962 with eyeball interpolation.
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