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The Upgrade Thread

I dunno if MeanGreen has been updated for 3.8.5. I use MeanGreen, ATM, and have noticed some problems with it.
... and there's now an update patch to 3.8.5. (4.0.2 pl2 has also been released.) 3.8.6 is scheduled for release in the near future.

Keepin' track of these updates is a full time job!
It's crazy but probably a good sign of their responsiveness.
This is a topic of great debate on the vBulletin forums, especially with the release of 4.0: should you release a buggy app and update it bit by bit or release a solid app and only update when absolutely necessary?

Security updates, no problem. Understandable: some of the security holes might not have existed at the time the app was released. Bugfix updates ... I'd rather have a solid app: take your time to make it right. It's kinda like how people say Windows 7 is Windows Vista that actually works (sorry; they do).

The other thing is that vBulletin seems to have been purchased by another company (or absorbed; it's not completely clear) and the "new" company doesn't have the same philosophy.

In any event, at the very least, we have fairly "on demand" support. If it didn't have support, I'd want to go to phpBB.
I've been reading about 3.8.5 -- I had been dragging my feet on upgrading because 3.8.6 will be out somewhat soon -- but there are allegedly a couple of big security holes that are fixed in this version. I'm going to do my best to get this installed tomorrow.
3.8.5 is now installed. Please post here, PM or e-mail me if you notice any problems.
OMG, now I have cookie crumbs all over my harddisk! :smile:

I had to re-login, but that's it. Works fine, thanks!
Yah. According to vBulletin, MOST people shouldn't have a problem with the login because they didn't change the (I'm not making this up) "cookie salt" for 3.8.5. However, I did see a couple of posts on the vBulletin forums that said that people were havening some problems.

Again, it's one of those, "The benefit outweighs the possibility that some people might have adverse reactions" (that's what my doctors keep telling me).

I'm a little disappointed that the EVO Red theme was breaky, tho.
I probably mentioned this before, but when we eventually move to the vBulletin 4.x platform, we will have the ability to install lots and lots of themes, as the new version almost exclusively uses CSS (cascading style sheets). This allows for lots of customization without having to install separate images for everything, like we do now. Just gotta wait until 4.x is more stable ....
BTB, speaking of the 4.x platform, they released a security update, that was quickly followed by another security update and that update introduced a new bug. They now have a new update to fix that and another security problem.

I think you could say that I'm officially unimpressed with the 4.x platform, at this point. Looks great, has lotsa nice features, but it's not very stable.
I've officially closed and deleted our vBulletin 4.0.x test forum. I'll do a reinstall when the vBulletin software hits 4.1.x.
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4.0.3 just came out the other day and it fixes 305 more bugs -- but still not the search engine ones that I reported. Color me amused.
Just amused.

According to the bug report, it has been assigned "highest" priority to fix the several search engine bugs, but it hasn't been fixed. That either means that it's a really hard fix to implement or that it really isn't "highest" priority.

I do know that vBulletin put a higher priority on a) getting vBulletin versions that support languages that read right to left working properly and b) getting vBulletin to work properly with IE 6.

vBulletin did release more functionality in this version of 4, including the ability to log in to a vBulletin forum with a Facebook account -- although they're also saying that Facebook has some "known issues." But I thought you'd be interested in that, Jim.

I've also seen a couple posts saying that vBulletin 3.8.x (which we use) may be supported until vBulletin 4.2 comes out. That means a year or so longer than the information I got (up until 4.1).
At this point, it looks like there's no reason to move to it until at least 4.1.
Just for kicks, I headed down to vbulletin.com and 4.0.4 is now out. ANDDDD ... the issues I had reported are still not fixed.

I'm not really surprised, but I am a tad disappointed.

For what it's worth, it seems that there are between 200 and 400 bugs fixed with every .0.x release. As an example, 4.0.1 fixed 200 bugs. 4.0.4 is supposed to fix 400-ish.

There has been some work in getting a new search engine put together to replace the one that's broke in vBulletin 4. While Google Search still isn't available, this looks somewhat promising.

The release date for 4.1 is still not available.

Techie joke: I'm surprised anyone could find the 4.0.4 release ....
Sadly I got the 4.0.4 joke right away. :)

It sounds like we will continue to wait until the search issue is fixed or until they force us to upgrade.
... as per the 404 joke, it seems like this was an update that failed. Bad.

("404", for those of you that didn't get it, is a "Page Not Found" error on da Intertubes.)

vBulletin's released an update and then an update to the update. Maybe we'll stick with 3.8.x forever ....
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