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WF New People Introductions

Welcome Eric. Did you have a fav song that your community band played this year? Are they on YouTube? A sample from my community band is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKUHUxo7ZhM. What's your big challenge this year?
Interesting challenge there. I've not heard that before.

We have just played our most challenging music. I will post a link in the 'what are you listening to' or community band section so as not to confuse this thread!

Wow, that is quite a community band! Ours is much smaller with only 15-20 people, so we have quite a few instrumental 'holes'. We just played in our local festival and did well, all things considered. Both pieces are nice - Nathan Hill Trilogy and Shenandoah. You can find us on a Facebook under '100 Mile House Community Band'.
Hello to all here on this forum. I'm just wandering in to look around and see what I can learn and share.

I've been playing clarinet professionally on and off for a little over 40 years now. I don't call myself a sax player, though I own a few and enjoy playing them a lot. I'm more of a clarinetist that enjoys playing sax.

I'm a retired IT guy (mainframe programmer) who rebuilds old clarinets for fun. I spent about a dozen years as a school band director, but I've recovered, repented, followed a strict twelve step program, and have been abstinent for thirty years or so. I play more bass clarinet than anything else these days (that's what I get calls for, anyway) and have played about every clarinet chair in my community group, but have been playing bass so I can sit next to my bassoonist wife and keep up the harassment. I'm in Jacksonville, so hello to all from the First Coast of Florida. I love to talk about things I've found out while tearing down old horns and stuff, reeds and gear, and invite all to enjoy our community band online at our YouTube site.

Thanks for the perch! I'll be hanging out...
Hello! New here. Currently playing mostly sax: Yamaha YTS-61, but also have a silver martin alto, a C.E. Winds curved soprano, and have a new Phil Barone Bari on order (yay! getting the vintage gold lacquer model with turquoise abalone keys)... I went to Univ of Oregon music school for 3 years toward a music ed degree, dropped out, played in bands, then went back to school for computer programming. Still doing that, but playing in bands on the side ever since. I also ran a small "home style" recording studio for 5 years evenings and weekends, mostly for experience and to pay for studio equipment. Although I studied classical in school, I play mostly rock, funk, and RnB style. I also play guitar, but not so actively these days. This looks like a nice forum. I will check in every now and then. thanks!
Hello Everyone! Playing woodwinds is a hobby, and I started playing flute, then alto and tenor sax in my 30's.
Gandalfe, thanks for your quick response!

That's flute for about 25 years, and seven years of sax before the hiatus. My outside experience with sax was a large church-orchestra, and community band from about 1999-2006 (changed from alto to tenor during those years).
Hello all! Like I mentioned in my first post, I'm a pawnbroker and former flautist who currently lives in South San Francisco, CA. Played flute and piccolo from age 11 to 20 in concert band, symphonic orchestra, pep band, church band, marching band, and theatre pit orchestra. truly a little bit of everything! I miss playing on a daily basis, but I love being the woodwind "expert" in our little pawn shop. Every time something with springs and pads walks in the door, all the guys turn around and look to me. I joined the forum to learn as much as I can from you guys -- whenever I start googling to learn about the woodwind in front of me, this forum is always one of the first sites that pop up in the searches. So, I figured I would finally join for real so I could get to you know guys and add whatever knowledge I can to this awesome repository.

I'm originally from central Indiana and grew up within a marching band bus ride of the Elkhart factories -- Gemeinhardt will always have a special place in my heart and I get mine out, dutifully, ever few months to make sure the fingers still remember their jobs. For you BoA people, I went to Carmel High School, you know you hated us :)

PLEASE DON'T HOLD IT AGAINST ME THAT I'M A PAWNBROKER - I just want to learn, and, cross my heart, promise I won't post anything commercial.
oh we do! Like I said in my other post, I'm currently sitting on a pair of pre-1900 (M and K series) Buffets, a matched pair of Penzel Muller Low Pitches and a lovely little Noblet. I see Armstrongs, Yamahas, Artley, Bundy -- all the student brands -- pretty much all day, so any time a French or German horn comes through the door, it is an exciting day! I can't wait to learn from you guys!
I've found the Pawn business interesting since my wife first introduced me to them as a way to get cheap CDs. Of course, I'm familiar with the shows and all that. AFAICT, the only feature of any sort a woodwind has had on these shows was on Hardcore Pawn when the owner guy quizzed a seller on what kind of wood the clarinet she was made of, and when she answered correctly he proudly and smugly said that he asked that question "to make sure she hadn't stolen it". He looked far to dickishly amused by his own rudimentary knowledge of the subject for my taste. Nevertheless, I like those shows (some of them, some of them not) and welcome the chance to hear more about the Pawn business.
Hi I am TBill and I play a 1963 Leblanc Pete Fountain Bb clarinet in the Kings Park community band in northern Virginia.
Today thinking about a Noblet as back-up horn.
This year we played Bennett's Sound of Music for the band's 50th Anniv. and we added vocals and we had fun with it.
So we're getting real interested in anything for singers/choir/band together.
Another newbie here. Playing sax and trying to get my head around flute. Used to study music like crazy when I was kid, with hope of becoming a professional musician. Stopped studying after 5 years (stupid teenager). Now got back to sax after 23 years. Different time, different place. Confused and excited at the same time. Glad to be here.

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