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WF New People Introductions


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Hi there Graham. Welcome to the Woodwind Forum (WF). We hope you enjoy this little corner of the 'Net.


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Hello, I am Graham from the UK. I have played the clarinet since the late 60's. I have a performer's diploma on the clarinet and a degree in music education. I play solo clarinet in a windband and am a director of music in the theatre (I used to be a pit player before that). I play Eb and Bb clarinets, bass clarinet, soprano, alto and tenor saxes and recorders.
What an excellent set of experiences you have. Here's hoping you find threads in this forum to engage with.
Some clarinetist

Hello, my name is Taigi here, I am thankful to be on this forum. I play clarinet from my childhood, have a diploma for 2nd degree now, graduated with Mozart's concerto. Play free-jazz, acid-jazz now, but am not forgetting classical.

I'm Wouter. I Live in Belgium. I'm a technician by trade and have plenty of hobbies; Astronomy being my prime hobby when weather permits. (not that often thus in Belgium) So to pass time when it's cloudy etc. I started to learn the piano a year ago. A few weeks ago though I lalso took up the recorder and if all goes well i'll be taking lessons starting in September. The teacher I contacted recommended me a Moeck Flauto 1 Plus soprano recorder and she also sent me a method book to get me started.

I hope to find some guidance as to what muisc is interesting to play for a beginner. (I have a broad taste in music styles)

As to why I wanted to add the recorder to playing the piano already is that I wanted an instrument that is a bit easier to take with me.. to practice on the go.. recorder fits that bill slightly better than a piano ;-)

Kind regards,



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As to why I wanted to add the recorder to playing the piano already is that I wanted an instrument that is a bit easier to take with me.. to practice on the go.. recorder fits that bill slightly better than a piano ;-)
Yeah, I think about that every time I drag in a bari/bass sax and bass clarinet to a gig. ;)

Welcome to the forum Wouter.
Newbie clarinetist

Hi there!

My name is Ana, I am a clarinetist and a clarinet teacher from Portugal. I hold a licenciate degree in clarinet (interpretation) and musicology, and I play the clarinet since I was 8 years old (it's almost two decades now!).
I often play in Community Windbands and Ensembles and I also sing in choirs.

Nice to meet you all!
Amati player and proud of it!

Hi, I'm Jos. I live in the Orkneys. I was looking through the internet for some where in the UK that deals with Amati. I noticed a thread (a few years ago admittedly) stating that he had come across an old Amati alto sax that was stunning. I also noticed that a lot of people arn't so keen. Well so be it. However, I have a model the same as that that was spoken of, and it's wonderful! I love my Amati It is an Amati Kraslice, and just like the person spoke about mine also has a number on the bell. I have had it for many years and it gets used and loved every day. I hope who ever reads this can recognise that those who own them, love them! (And wanted to say hi!)
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Hmm...is anyone in the forest?

As in, if no one is, will my post be read?

I'm anthony...I play all reeds, except oboe....used to play lots of shows, and now just play casuals....primarily clarinet, with some flute (a lot of swing and some Klezmer).

I also like to explore various ethnic styles...so play a little traditional Irish flute and am planning a trip to Cuba to play jazz, Afro-Cuban and Charanga flute/piccolo.
Hello everyone, my name is Dario , from Milano Italy .
I started to love the world of saxophone about three years ago, now I am trying to learn to play and I built a small collection of saxes that was overhouled by myself !
Hi all....

I'm as brand new to clarinet as humanly possible. That being said, I'm not brand new to music study. Have 37 years of jazz drumming in my blood - many of those years spent in very formal studies (private drum studies and "classroom" setting theory / harmony studies) with some amazing teachers (so I know just how important a great teacher is). I've done 1000's of gigs and have taught 1000's of lessons.

Also spent a few years self-studying piano. I enjoy sitting down at it still from time to time and it's helped in musical appreciation, though my daughter plays it more these days than I.

I've played with clarinet players who were deeply rooted in trad jazz - i.e.: Edmond Hall, Barney Bigard, Goodman, Shaw,Jimmie Noone, Hucko, etc.... you get the idea... It also happens to be some of my favorite music since it's what I grew up on. I listen to it constantly.

Really am interested in starting clarinet as it's the instrument that appeals to me most these days (always a drummer at heart though).

Just joined to say hello and I hope to join the journey soon and begin to learn the instrument.

I currently have a Yamaha YCL34 that's been handed down to me from my wife's family that was used in school studies back in the 80's. It seems to have been treated well but since I'm not oriented enough with the instrument, I can't tell for sure.

Anyways... off to find a teacher and try to see if I can make a sound other than terrible squeaks.
Thank you! Yes, I absolutely plan on taking some lessons. I haven't a clue where to properly begin so guidance is critical for me. First, I plan on bringing the clarinet into a local reputable shop for a review if anything needs to be done as far as maintenance goes. Once that's done, I'll begin the lesson journey.

Not sure if there may be a recommendation to replace the mouthpiece (Yamaha 4C). There may be a better one for me - I don't know so I'll let a teacher guide me.

Should I assume as a newbie that whether a teacher is focused on Classical versus Jazz wouldn't matter since I'm at square 1 and need to learn basics first?