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  1. clarinet clip on mics

    I think I'm posting this in the right place. My duo has been experimenting with mics and I want to use a clip on mic because I want to move around a lot (not be constrained with standing in one place by a stationary mic) and I am terrified of attaching a pic-up mic to my barrel (because I am...
  2. A. Fontaine Paris Clarinet

    Can someone please tell me what I have? I have googled and haven't been able to find much information on metal models. It is an A. Fontaine Paris Clarinet serial 86xx. Any information would be great.

    So close I can taste it...

    I have just lucked into a Selmer professional quality Mazzeo system clarinet. It belongs to a professional musician father of a friend of mine, and he is liquidating all of his non-plateau clarinets due to his suffering from the shakes and his inability to securely seat his fingers on the tone...
  4. King Silver Sonic Clarinet

    We have a King Silver Sonic Clarinet. It was made in Cleveland, OH by H. N. White. We are wondering what year it could possibly be and what it might be worth. It looks old and our research indicates that it might be between 1942-1946. Thank you!
  5. Can you identify this Noblet?

    Hi all, I just found this forum and I'm thrilled. :-D I have 2 kids who each play an instrument... I love to browse the forums to learn about their instruments, care... and lots of other great information. (I've been a member of a trumpet forum for a couple of years as well.) So I'm hoping you...
  6. help with model, year, value

    Hi, I have a buffet clarinet that I played when I was in elementary school (20+ years ago). It was my grandfather's clarinet, but I don't know when/where he purchased it. The bell has a crack along the edge which doesn't affect the sound. Please see the pictures. It has 27435 marked on it...
  7. Help!

    Hello all! As you can tell from my user name I'm a bit out of place here... I'm an all around musician but mostly focus on strings and brass. I enjoy playing sax but I rarely get a chance to play clarinet. I've owned a student level Yamaha and a Selmer Signet for a while now, but an old friend...
  8. Selmer glass clarinet mouthpiece

    I inherited a Selmer glass clarinet mouthpiece with "HSH Clarion" inscribed on it. I tried it out and it has a very warm, mellow tone. I'm not interested in selling it, I'm just wondering if anybody knows anything about these mouthpieces. Cheers!
  9. saxismyaxe

    WF New People Introductions

    (Edit, from pete: I split this from the Introducing the Staff thread ...) Hey, I know you! :lol: Hi Pete. I think everyone is going to know everyone else here, at least for the very first few weeks or so. Never the less, My name is Michael, a.k.a. Saxismyaxe, and I'm addicted to...
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