Alternate Keywork

Alternative Keywork

Alternative Keywork Name Makers who Used / Years Pics / Notes
Buffet Elite

(pics taken from German eBay)

Special keywork. Notice the “open” hole just above the bell.

And the extra keywork from the top of the register key going all the way
down the lower joint

you look closely there an open hole on the left as a vent
a close look at the register key, the pad cup. It activates a long
actuating arm which has it’s own bridge and continues to the lower part of the
lower joint.
can see the rod keywork alongside the bottom of the lower joint. It ends
and the padcup goes along the backside.

Mazzeo Selmer / mid 1960s

Each model, Selmer Paris, Signet and
Bundy had slightly different features.


Selmer Mazzeo
Clarinet Article

Mazzeo Brochure #1

Mazzeo Brochure #2

Mazzeo Mechanisms
The Mazzeo mechanism on the Signet allows the player to switch between “Mazzeo”
mode and regular Boehm. The first picture has a Bundy Mazzeo (on the
bottom) and a Signet Mazzeo (on the top)

The Signet mechanism (left) shows it in the Mazzeo position. It has a
knurled end “plunger” mechanism to turn the Mazzeo system on/off. To
disconnect you simply push the mechanism in. To reconnect you pull it out.

Mazzeo information, brochures and pictures provided by S. Page, UK


McIntyre Upper joint only from eBay

Stubbins Selmer

(this series 9 has a band on the top joint)

from eBay

van Perck


pics courtesy of Chris, UK (the guy borrowing my FB Leblanc LL)

Time Frame:

Clarinet Make:



pics courtesy of Chris, UK

Time Frame:

Clarinet Maker:

Articulated C#/G# keywork Time Frame: Current (optional on some
instruments) going back to the early 1900sClarinet Maker:
Available on most professional instruments such as Selmer, Leblanc, Buffet
Full Boehm keywork Time Frame: Current (optional on some
instruments) going back to the early 1900sClarinet Maker :
Available on many professional instruments such as Selmer, Leblanc and
BuffetExample: A-series Selmer Series 9, Leblanc LL, Buffet, R-Series
Selmer CT, W-series Selmer Series 9Shows the differences between the
Articulated C#/G# keywork of the various makers.

Selmer Recital Series

Keywork Modifications

Eaton International Here is some excellent work from Chris Peryagh from the UK
as he adds a Ab/Eb key to an Eaton International. This work does not
modify any posts or anything and the original lever can be reinstalled to
eliminate this modification and keep the instrument close to original.

ok, an oboe, but great keywork modification

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