Boehm Clarinets

The Clarinet’s Boehm keywork actually came from the flute.  Theobald Boehm’s flute keywork was the inspiration for Hyancinthe Klose and Auguste Buffet.  Of course the keywork mechanism differs a bit due to the flute being based on octaves and the clarinet on overblown twelths.

The acceptance of the Boehm system was slow.  From it’s initial development around 1839 and 1843 it was mostly adapted in France by the late 1870s.  By the early 20th century the design was used by most performers throughout the world except in Germany, Austria and Russia where you will still find “German” Oehler clarinets more popular.

What exactly is “Boehm” keywork .. we’ll explore that next …

more to come

Standard Boehm

Enhance Boehm

Full Boehm