A short historic recalls…
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Marigaux, a famous name, a renowned
brand. Since now over 50 years the name Marigaux has been associated with
those of the greatest oboe players, its reputation ever continuing to assert
itself. At present Marigaux is a reference in the field of sound throughout
the world.The 12 January 1935, Strasser Marigaux was founded by three associates: Mr
Strasser, Mr Marigaux and Mr Lemaire, hence the abbreviation of the current
company SML. Strasser Marigaux began activity in Paris, 144 bd. de la
Villette with the manufacture of saxophones and flutes. In parallel with
this also began the making of oboes and clarinets at a workshop in the
Couture Boussey, a town in the Eure already a well-known centre of French
craftsmanship.In 1975, Marigaux bought the company Malerne (in the Couture Boussey) and
transferred their production into a more spacious factory.

In 1981 Strasser Marigaux abandoned the manufacture of all other intruments
to devote itself entirely to the improvement of oboes and clarinets.

in 2001 Marigaux stopped production of Clarinets and now strictly produce

RS Symphonie (information courtesy from

from Switzerland)

The Marigaux Symphonie was named after Roland Simoncini, former solo
clarinetist of the Orchestre National de France, under whose guidance this
clarinet has been designed. Unfortunately, Marigaux abandoned the clarinets
sometime in 2003 and now concentrate on oboes and English horns.

This clarinet sports a number of unusual ergonomic features such as the
roller keys on the right hand pinky keys’ stack, an asymmetric register key,
comfortable trill keys and a neatly designed “landing zone” for the left hand