SML (Marigaux, Lemaire and Strasser)

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SML (Marigaux, Lemaire and Strasser) made three levels of clarinets –
Professional with 5 stars, Intermediate with 4 stars and Student. There was also a model which
only had “SML” without a model name; SML also had an entry level
clarinet made of hard-rubber.

Post 1960 the student ones were made of plastic

SML also made Evette clarinets for
Buffet and various other stencils such as Olds, Conn and Linton. Schriber also made Evette clarinets for Buffet

King – King distributed SML clarinets. All SML clarinets distributed by King
had a crown on them. The word “King” was inscribed under the crown.
King Marigaux, King Lemaire, and King Strasser.

Unfortunately many SMLs may also have no specific inscription and are only
identifiable by specific keywork. In this case the octave key easily
identifies a SML: Symphonie Artiste

King Lemaire emblem (from eBay)

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