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Model normal tip opening lay length General Comments
2RV 1.065 19.5

5RV 1.065 19.5 Vandy – “World famous 5RV is virtually a
professional standard of comparison”
5RV lyre 1.09+ per Vandoren
1.28m measured
20.5 Vandy – “Responsive, easy to control in all
registers, excellent for students. For symphonic and chamber music”
5JB 1.47 22.5 Vandy – “A very open tp, long facing, the jazz

11.1 1.11 21.0
11.6 1.16 20.5 Vandy – “Same sound quality as B45 obtained by
using reeds that are a little stronger”
B40 1.195 21.5 Wider tip than B45 – more resistance, less bright than B45

Vandy – “Designed to use soft reeds wthout sacrificing the sound quality of
a stronger reed (centered and compact)”

B44 1.105 19
B45 1.195 21.5 Larger chamber, easier blowing than B40

– “Universaly acclaimed, it is the most popular mouthpiece. Designed for the
symphonic orchestra player”

B45 Lyre 1.27 22 Vandy – “The sound of the B40 and the comfort of
the B45”

B46 1.17+ 19.5 Vandy -“Ideal for the dance musician with
classical backgrounc or the symphonic clarinetist desiring more tip opening”

M30 115 L Vandy – “Designed to provide more flexibility,
the M30 incorporates a very long facing and a large tip rail to produce a
mouthpiece similar in sonority to the B40, with easier sound production
B45 (dot) 119.5 ML Large chambered mouthpiece produces excelent
full “round” sound”
B40 Lyre 117.5 L Vandy – “The B40 Lyre sharesmany qualities of
the landmark B40.  The perfect blend of round sound and great tone
color. Excellent sound production, especially in upper registers”
M15 103.5 L Vandy – “At last, a mouthpiece which enables you
to play strong reeds with a great blowing ease.  Exceptional sonority.
The musician can easily achieve a colorful spectrum of sound”
M13 Lyre 102 ML Vandy – “A little more open than the M13
mouthpiece, it permits easy blowing with harder reeds and produces a rich
and centered sound.  The M13 Lyre is recommended for symphonic and
chamber music”

M13 100.5 L Vandy – “Offers many of the characteristics of
older American mouthpieces which are so widely sought after.  The M13
permits easy blowing with harder reeds and produces a rich, dark, centered
sound. Response is particularly sensitive”
AT45 119.5 ML Vandy – “Using advanced technology and
innovative composite materials, Vandoren have produced a new generation
mouthpiece that uses the same great B45 facing with a slightly brighter
M14 101mm long Designed for american clarnettists performing in
orchestras (a little bit closer than an M13 lyre, with softer reeds).
It has extraordnary blowing ease and incredibly easy stacatto, with a deep
dark focused sound.  It’s long facing allows a strong projection with
good amplitude. The M14 is a very comfortable mouthpiece for both Symphonic
and Chamber Music clarinettists.
model 66 long 1970s model
model 55 short 1970s model

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