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LeBlanc Noblet clarinets

ABOVE: Case emblem from an early Noblet 40

Early Noblet 40 1960’s Brochure – 1
Early Noblet 40 1960’s Brochure – 1

Receipt from early Noblet 40
Below Ad for a model 145, which is
the Artist 45 with hand selected grenadilla wood.

Noblet clarinet Information
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Early Noblet Clarinets
Harken back to the older days of Noblet when Noblet – Thibouville manufactured clarinets.  This C clarinet
is an example of a simple Albert keywork back when Boxwood was the preferred choice.

Not sure on the age of this emblem – boxwood

The Earliest “Modern”
Noblets – shared throat key posts
The Earliest Noblets – The really early Noblets actually had shared posts on the throat keys.  3 posts
versus 4 which is most common.  There is nothing wrong with the really early Noblets it’s just an identifier of their age being some of the first of the “modern” Noblets of the 1940s through 1990s.The early Noblet 40s were over engineered clarinets.  Each post had a set screw and each post had a set screw tab on it. It’s amazing looking at the clarinet itself.  I will provide some before and after pictures of this amazing early Noblet 40. The oddest part of this Noblet is the emblem.  It clearly is the more complex emblem. But if you look below at the three versions of the lyre (and oval) it starts out simple and gets more complex over time.  But this is the 3rd more complex emblem.  It really makes no sense as the serial
number is very low, and the emblem is very new.  The upper joint also has the “made in france” stamp at the very top of the joint which existed in very early Noblets.  Right now this is an anomoly that needs further research -I have had people email me in the past with
anomolies like this so now it is even more confusing.The lower joint left hand spatula keys have one post as the C# & B keys share a pivot – an indicator of a very early model
The thumbrest is a one screw on top and one on bottom model – an indicator of a very early model.
The shared post throat keys – an indicator of a very early model
Picture above has an adjuster, pictures below has no adjuster – shows an evolution (Picture above had the old emblem) Pictures below have the complex emblem – an indicator of a later model  ??? — going to have to research eBay Noblet emblems & serial numbers in detail on each picture to see a full size version

This early Noblet has a “newer” emblem but has significant cues from an earlier model, such as : thumbrest has one screw above and below the
thumbrest, shared throat keys, Lowerjoint spatula keys share one post.
Construction is truly top notch as most posts has single and double screw mounts to the body.  This post installation is excessive quality which was dropped at some point.  If you compare these pictures to the very top picture there are striking differences.
The very top picture shows the shared throat keys with an adjuster. These pictures have no adjuster, plus the other differences, thus there were two versions (at least) of the shared throat key posts Noblet.

If I were to guess, I would have to suspect that Noblet had a stash of early Noblet’s that they did not sell until later on.  This is purely a guess but I will watch that virtual showroom, aka eBay, for Noblets to see if I can gleen more information about early Noblets.
One thing to watch over time was the location of the pivot location of
the C#/G# key as it started below the upper key rods.  Later
versions had it separate.  Some model 40’s it seemed to have
varied?  Noblet 45s were always separate.

Noblet Stubbins
The Noblet Stubbins was not a “full Stubbins” such as the Leblancs –

see Leblanc Stubbins
But it had an extra key cup on the lower joint (The Leblanc had more complex keywork on the upper joint too).
The Noblet Stubbins had a double C key cup, both on the same mechanism. On C cup was opposite the C# key cup.  The 2nd C tonehole was actually quite a bit smaller than the regular toneholes.
Early Noblet 40
Noblet buffet-like emblem

at least since 1940’s to 1962

SN# 267C (top)

Known as Model 40. Some model 40’s had ebonite bells and those ones
were later known as Model 27s after the emblem change.  Some 27s
may also have had ebonite barrels.  NOTE: apparently the 27s did
not have ebonite bells and had bores similar to the L27s – still
researching (1/25/2011).

As you can see there was an evolution of the emblem.  The top emblem is the earliest and has a
very simple music lyre at the top.  D. Noblet in the oval

The middle emblem has the D in the music lyre and Noblet in the oval.

The lowest has a more complex music lyre and D. Noblet in the emblem.

One the early 40’s the throat keys shared a post (3 total).  On later models they had dedicated posts (4 total)

Noblet Super 40
Noblet Super 40 – no information.  But just in case you run across one at least we know the mythical beast
exists.  From the oval Noblet emblem we know that it is an early model “Super” 40.I wonder if these transitioned to the 45’s very early .. a serial number analysis seems in order if we can get our hands on a few.
The early Super 40 had the early Noblet emblem with a ‘SUPER 40’ stamp above the emblem.  Everything else was normal Noblet.

The Mid era SUPER 40 had the 2nd generation Noblet emblem with the SUPER 40 below the emblem.  The case had a neat emblem on it.

Noblet 40 Special
Noblet 40 Special – This had a plastic bell.  At one time I thought this transitioned to the Noblet 27 – but conflicting information as some customers have had 27s that were full wood.  Thus, I now assume only the “Special”s had plastic bells.

Plateau 40
Noblet, like Normandy & Leblanc, and Selmer, etc at one time created a Plateau clarinet. This allowed young or injured infgers/hands to play the clarinet without
worry of having to cover all the toneholes.

Noblet 27
Noblet 27 – these supposedly had the same bore as a Leblanc L27, but of the few examples I have seen they had a cylindrical bore like all the other Noblet models.  The clarinets were all wood.After going through some Model 27s I’ve found the bore to be the same as the other models, cylindrical but the differences are
the toneholes are smaller, less diameter which allows younger students to cover the toneholes easier.  The 40 and 45 have larger tonehole diameters. (Sept 2011)
Noblet 40 – mid/later years
Noblet 40 Square emblem

at least since 1962 (previously thought 73) to 1990?

Noblet 40 new ugly emblem

at least since 1990? to current

Noblet 45 models
Noblet 45 – ND at the top of the Emblem

at least since 1960 to 1990

Earliest Noblet 45 serial numbers: 5512 purchase in 1948-1949
SN#46xxx  & 248xx

I’m going to guess that the SUPER 40
preceeded the Noblet 45.

Noblet 45 – double diamond emblem.
Only an “N” inset in a small diamond at the top of the Diamond emblem1990 – 2008SN # 415A

The most recent Noblet 45 emblem until their Leblanc France demise in 2009 when Leblanc USA (part of
Selmer-Conn) created the Backun – Bliss lines of clarinets.I don’t know when they started using this emblem .. but just a wild guess of 2008 ??  If anyone has an idea please let me know.
Noblet 45 Artist

Not sure on years but keywork is inline, sculpted like Leblanc but sheet metal trill key guide.
Noblet emblem has the double diamond, thus a newer emblem. The Artist model is physically the same as the regular 45 except it has hand selected aged wood.

Noblet 45 Laureate
– the Noblet 45 laureate was an interesting model.  It seems completely similar to the regular 45 except that it has some really nice engraving on the bell.  This would have came out about the same time as the Selmer USA Soloist Omega model with
nice engraving on the bell, also the time of the Selmer Paris CT Omega which has nice engraving on the bell.  Thus with the Laureate you get nice engraving!!
Brochures, Prices and
Serial Numbers
Feature Comparison

Leblanc / Noblet / Normandy Catalog

Playing Characteristics

1974 Price List


Serial Number Log
for Noblet 27, 40 and 45
Year First Model of Year Last Model of Year
1830 A beautiful example of a
Noblet Box Clarinet.
1920’s – 1930’s metal Metal Noblet
unknown years 4854D Noblet 40
(later known as 27
1960 contains 18559
1964 38500 42999
42849 Normandy 10
1965 43000
53xxx N45
1966 56000 58399
1967 58400 66999
1968 67000 78999
1969 79000 91299
1970 91300 98700
1971 A101
7811 Noblet 45
A415 Noblet 45
1972 A11101 A16000
1973 A16228 A33700
1974 A33701 A44832
1975 A44833 A57320
1976 A57321 A66597
1977 A66598 A76349
1978 A76350 A87894
1979 A87895 A96499
1980 A95000 B10309
1981 B10310 B10700
1982 B10701 B25890
1983 B25891 B28146
1984 B28147 B45800
Noblet 55 / 60 Alto Clarinet
1964 4200 4564
1965 4565 4799
1966 4800 5103
1967 5104 5374
1968 5375 5600
1969 5601 5733
1970 5734 5902
1971 5903 6035
1972 6036 6132
1973 6133 6228
1974 6229 6354
1975 6355 6469
1976 6470 6617
1977 6618 6693
1978 6694 6774
1979 6775 6868
1980 6869 6959
1981 6960 6965
1982 6966 7052
1983 7053 7123
Noblet 55 (60) Bass Clarinet
 1964 4700 5113
 1965 5114 5399
 1966 5400 5899
1967 5900 6487
1968 6488 7076
1969 7077 7329
1970 7330 7626
1971 7627 8034
1972 8035 8373
1973 8374 8765
1974 8766 9194
1975 9195 9683
1976 9684 9815
1977 9816 10565
1978 10566 11114
1979 11115 11421
1980 11422 12065
1981 12066 12654
1982 12655 12793
1983 12794 12972
1984 12973 13430


FYI, I obtained all the Leblanc, Noblet and Normandy serial number lists
from a nice lady at G Leblanc USA about a year before they were bought by
Selmer USA.  These were paper lists faxed to me.  The computers
only had a few years in them by comparison.  No list exists before
these lists – at least not at G Leblanc USA at the time per that nice lady.
Not sure if they exist at all now at Selmer USA since they closed the G
Leblanc facilities.

It’s curious because I had called their call center before but no one was
able to go back but just a few years.  One day I called early before
the Call Center opened and this one lady took my name and fax number and
faxed the lists to me.  If it wasn’t for that the lists may have been
gone forever.