Albert Clarinets


Albert keywork Clarinets

This page is more to the vintage type keywork clarinets than a particular brand.  In the early 1900s and late 1800s clarinets had two types of keywork available:  Boehm and Albert.  The Albert keywork system dates back much earlier than the Boehm keywork.

The most desired have 4 rings, or rings in the upper and lower joint and rollers on the lower pink keys.

The next most desireable are the 4 rings (2 rings in upper and 2 rings in lower joint) and no rollers on the pinky keys

An Extremely rare Buffet Transitional Albert keyed clarinet.

Below are various examples of Albert keywork clarinets

Buffet 1895 Albert

This is an intereting Albert as it has standard Boehm lower joint spatula keys.

Buffet 1928 Albert

Buffet Albert

Boosey Albert Clarinets