Help Identifying My Clarinet

What to send if you need Help identifying your Clarinet.

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I’ll get many email from people wanting to know what brand and model clarinet they have.   In order to assist I need to see detailed pictures of the clarinet. “Detailed” means up close, really close and at specific angles.

Taking a photo of the entire clarinet does nothing other than help me identify it as a clarinet.  Thus the picture have to be upclose.  The below photos are *exactly* what I need to see if you want to send me an email asking for assistance.


1 – UPPER JOINT, Upper Half – This picture should show the (a) Emblem (b) upper throat keys, and (c) trill key guide.

2 – UPPER JOINT, Lower Half – This picture shows the (a) lower keystack, and also the (b) shape of the trill keys and (c) the bridge key.

3 – UPPER JOINT, back of upper half at a *specific* angle.  This picture shows the (a) register vent (which varies and may be tall or shorter) and also the (b) shape of the trill key guide.

4 – UPPER JOINT, Lower back half.  This picture shows the (a) trill keys and their shape and how many (b) posts they may or may not share.  I also shows the (c) shape of the bridge key.

5 – LOWER JOINT, upper half – this picture shows the (a) upper top key and it’s shape (very important for french clarinets); (b) shapes of the sliver key; (c) and the shape of the left hand pinky keys.

6 – LOWER JOINT, lower half – if taken at an angle it will show (a) spring configuration; (b) lower emblem [if there is one]; (c) key design.

7 – LOWER JOINT, upper side – this picture identifies (a) shared or separate posts for pinky keys and (b) size and shape of thumb rest. This also shows if the keys are lifters or use pins, which is very important distinction between student and better quality.

8 – ANY SERIAL NUMBER.  Normally found on the upper and lower joint.

9 – Picture of Bell with emblem.  Bells are often replaced.  A picture of a bell with emblem will tell me practically nothing about the rest of the instrument.

10 – picture of barrel with the emblem – a picture of a barrel will tell me practically nothing about the rest of the instrument.  Just if it’s genuine with the rest of the instrument based on nuances of emblem design.