Buffet mpc


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1930s Buffet – Evettine in top scroll – Buffet emblem below lower ligature


Early Buffet

C Model

C Crowns

These 2 Buffet C Crown mouthpieces are from different generations.
Unfortunately I forgot which was from which. One is from a 1974 R-13, the
other is an earlier model. The distinct differences are that [1] one has a
slightly longer beak; [2] one throat wide is wider, [3] and the C and the
crown are spaced dfferently

C Crowns are apparently made from Chedeville blanks


1974 – This 1974 model has a close C and crown, and wide though not as wide)
throat as the other model. Centered and good tonal quality.


Mouthpiece Gauge (see top part of below)