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Vintage Reeds Gallery – a blast from the past.  Various reeds for sax, clarinet

Auguste Buffet Reed

Buffet- Crampon Reeds


Fibracell / fibracane

Selmer Goldentone


M. Lacroix

E. Pichard

Betcha – Futurity



Rico Royal – white box, blue strips

Sciccone Symmetricut

Selmer Soloist


various Vandorens

Omega, SR, some other brand that has a notch in the heel of the reed

Black LIne, Selmer Goldentone, clarion fibracane, plasticover, Vic Chaprone ? (i have a box of these somewhere else), vibrator

Chiron Vibrator


there’s a Steve Broadus reed in between the Black Lines and goldentone on the right in that one pic


A Hines Supreme tenor reeds from about 1956. They were not very supreme. (H. Lehrer)


C. Morre (Crandall)