King Sax


The following information was compiled from serial number records which were not complete. Because of this, it is to be used as a guide or rough estimate of when a King or Cleveland model instrument was manufactured. It does not pertain to those models which were marketed under the Gladiator, American Standard, or other trademarks.

The popular King Super 20 (may also have H.N. White engraving) differed greatly in tone over the years. Super 20’s were made with brazed-on toneholes until the early 1970’s (the same way Martins were). This allowed the metal thickness to be uniformed for each tone hole and now thinness in the body tubes. The later horns were made in Japan with drawn toneholes. These later horns apparently sounded much different from earlier models and have a brighter tone.

Date Serial Number
1893-1915 1-50,000
1915-1925 50,000-78,000
1925-1930 78,001-126,000
1930-1935 126,001-161,000
1935-1940 161,001-220,000
1940-1945 220,001-275,000
1945-1950 275,001-305,000
1950-1955 305,001-340,000
1955-1960 340,001-370,000
1960-1965 370,001-406,500
1965-1970 406,501-457,600
1970-1975 457,601-511,750
1975-1980 511,751-