Martin Freres

NOTE: M-Fs were the really early stenciled Buffets E&S clarinets.

Martin Freres

Martin Freres – a french company, another in the Paris district with all the
big names.  Selmer, Buffet, Malerne, Mariguax, Cousenon.  They
apparently manufactured clarinets from 1840 to 1927, then reorganized until the

Various models such as LaMonte (student), Grand Prix, Coudet (one step up
from entry level), Supra Model

They have certain identifiable features which makes me want to research them.

Common “Stencils”: Jean Martin,


Key identifiers so far.  Look at the distance of the two Lower Joint
Left hand Spatula keys (B & C#) of the pivots for those keys.  They are
wide apart.  Also look at the thin barrel trill key guide and upswept lower
joint top padcup.

Some of these are indicators of malerne too with a few differences.

In the early part of Buffet’s Evette-Schaeffer and Evette they had some
identifiers and serial numbers without preceeding letters.  They could be
Martin Freres stencils.  Could be.  That is the function of this page
to research that possibility.I also will be researching Malernes more to see
more identifiable links between the two.

We know Malerne’s have serial numbers with a preceeding letter such as A, B,
C, D, E

But now I see martin Freres also have A & Es and also low serial numbers
without preceeding letters.  It’s going to be interesting research mostly
through ebay.  Stay tuned.  email any information you may uncover.