Ben Redwine has evolved a design from a past clarinet player, Ignatis “Iggy”
Gennusa.  Mr. Gennusa designed a mouthpiece called the “Excellente” which
was a direct copy of his famous Chedeville mouthpiece.  He was considered
to have one of the best clarinet tones of any professional clarinetist in his
generation.  This included 21 years as the principal clarinetist at the
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

Gennusa “Retro” b-flat mouthpiece. Iggy Gennusa’s first design. Copy of his
Charles Chedeville mouthpiece. He deemed this one to be a bit too bright, so
rejected it. Since we’ve taken over the company, we’ve reintroduced it. It gives
people a good alternative, if the “Excellente” is not quite right for the way
they play and what they want to sound like. It is a bit brighter than the
“Excellente” and more projecting. Blanks produced by Babbitt, with sulphur in
the rubber. Facings available: custom=anything

Gennusa “Excellente” b-flat mouthpiece. Iggy’s second design. This is the one
that he liked (as do I). Dark, covered tone. Blanks produced by Babbitt. Facings
available: GE-close (under 1.02 mm), GE*-medium (1.02-1.07 mm), GE**-open (over
1.06 mm). Also available in custom facing.

REDWINE e-flat: Zinner blank. Dark sound, excellent intonation. I’m an e-flat
clarinetist (US Naval Academy Band), so I have much experience with these and
have produced what I feel is the best e-flat mouthpiece on the market, having
tried all the rest. Custom facings.

REDWINE bass: Babbitt blank. Projecting bass sound. Excellent intonation.
Custom facings.