Peter Eaton Clarinets

Peter Eaton clarinets are fairly new to the marketplace (compared to Selmer,
Buffet & Leblanc)

International – small bore


Elite – large bore – .6045″ entry   .5985 bottom of top joint
2007  model

Apparently (unconfirmed) Eaton clarinets are a rendition of the Boosey &
Hawkes 1010 clarinets, but improved all around. Keywork molds apparently from
B&H.  The B&H Symphony model is nearly identical to the Eaton

The ELITE model derived originally from the Boosey & Hawkes
1010 but Peter would strongly deny it is a 1010 (and did so I believe a few
years ago in an article published in the ICA magazine).There have been significant acoustical changes to improve intonation,
tone and response.

(I believe the original 1010 had significant tuning idiosyncrasies
although a few artists, especially Brymer, got a great sound from it.)

Physically there are strong Eaton/B&H resemblances and yes the keywork is
built up on jigs ‘rescued’ from the B&H factory when they stopped clarinet
manufacture. However the Eatons really are ‘handcrafted’ whereas same could
not be said of the later 1010’s.

The International contains these same physical resemblances but is a
significantly different bore and subtly different tonehole placement etc.

above information from N Smale (UK)