Welcome to the new website

Welcome and please wait as items get moved over to the new ClarinetPerfection.com

For your enjoyment, you can watch this over and over again until everything is completed.

ClarinetPerfection.com was originated back in 1996 as a desire to track information that I received from Leblanc USA about one of my clarinets, my Normandy 4 that I bought from Mr. Herb Couf, Royal Music back in 1978.

In 1996 I contacted Leblanc USA, after hours, and a nice lady faxed me a serial number list that they had.  The list was not in their computers thus no one else was given this list.  So I published it on the new website for everyone to have.  Then I went on a search for serial number lists of my other clarinets, and the website grew from there.

The website has been totally paid out of pocket since it’s inception.  I should have added Google Ads, or a Paypal button but never got to that level.  late in 2016 my Host company against raised my rates, and this time I balked, and did not resign, and thus found a new home for it here.

Please wait a while as i move the data over to the new format.  I am always collecting new information, and wouldn’t mind a donation here or there to help pay for some expenses (sooner or later I’ll add a Paypal button).

I am also collection alto and tenor Saxophone tonehole diameters for the entire horn for another project.  Those can be emailed to SteveSklar@gmail.com

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