7/23/2017 – Polishing Keys at Home & Donations


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(1) I pulled in a page that wasn’t converted – Polishing Keys at Home.  This is located in the “Technical Info”, “Instrument Care” submenu.

Polish Keys at Home

I wrote this article years ago in June 2009.  I plan on making a short video of how to do this and posting it.  So stay tuned for that video for a demonstration of that.  They key to polishing keys at home is “less is more”  One cleaning the black gunk that you’ll see can get on the pads if you use even a bit too much polishing paste.  But read the article more for more information.

[2] Donations

Apparently my donation page doesn’t work 100%.  It seems to work for me so I’m wondering it the problem is browser based.   So I’m working on that too.

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